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Microsoft Office 2013 Accessibility

This page has information about where tools have moved to in Office 2010 applications as well as information on books available by Karen McCall on Office 2010 applications. Karen is a Microsoft MVP for Word 2009-2013.

This page contains resources for working more effectively with Office 2013 and Windows 8.

There are also articles on the Karlen Communications Blog about working with Windows 8. The articles are cross-referenced to this page where you will find more detailed information for those topics that need it.

Settings and Changes for Office and Word 2013

The PDF document you can download is in tagged PDF format and provides an overview of some of the new features of Office and Word 2013 as well as some settings you might want to change if you are using adaptive technology and/or the keyboard. There is more information in this document about Word as this is where most of us spend a lot of time.

Add Accessible Images to Documents - updated.

Tables and Columns in Word documents (do not use tables for design layout...ever!) - contains sample documents.

Text Boxes and Accessibility

Office 2013 Settings and Changes

Customize Keyboard Commands/Shortcuts in Word

Word 2013 Settings - Ease of Use (updated February 2015).

Complete List of Narrator Keyboard Commands for Win 8

This document provides the complete list of Narrator keyboard commands for Windows 8. I couldn't find the complete list of 72 keyboard commands anywhere but in the Narrator list of commands. The problem with the list, which you access by pressing CapsLock + F1, is that it is temporary and doesn't let you use the list as a reference. You can search the list but you have to know what you are searching for and the language used for that command by Microsoft. This can be a frustrating experience.

Complete List of Narrator Commands for Win 8.

PowerPoint 2013

Adding Accessible Placeholders in PowerPoint

Microsoft Word 2013 Plain and Simple by Jay Freedman.

Jay is a fellow MVP for Word and although his background isn't in accessibility, is willing to explore how to make documents and content in Word more accessible. You may not find specific references to accessible document design in his book but I highly recommend it as a starting point for working with Word 2013. And yes, I do have a copy and it is my reference book!

This book is available in ePub, DAISY, PDF and, of course, print. The PDF is tagged.

Microsoft Word 2013 Plain and Simple by Jay Freedman at O'Reilly books.