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Karlen Communications offers consulting and training for AODA and Section 508 content.


You can purchase the following books written by Karen McCall in tagged PDF format from Karlen Communications. This is the only format available and it is accessible to people using adaptive technology. You do have the ability to print a page, chapter or the entire book if you want for your own use. The purchase of one copy of the book is for individual use only. Multiple copies can be purchased for organizations.

Here is the copyright notice from the front of each book:

No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or any means electronic or mechanical, for any purpose, without the express written permission of Karen McCall.

I've started an "oops" page where you'll find missing content from the books that was missed in editing. If you find any other instances, please let me know. I'm putting the text on this web page and correcting the books as items are found.

Where to Buy the Books!

All books and content I create are in tagged PDF format and are accessible using a screen reader. As a Canadian delegate to the PDF/UA committee and someone who uses adaptive technology I create accessible content. You can purchase my books from:

Aroga: Online digital download, credit card and PayPal.

IRTI: credit card, CD, this is their contact page as the web site does not show the most recent publications.

Books are no longer available from Karlen Communications directly unless you are looking for an organizational site license. Please contact one of the vendors above to purchase any of Karen's books.

Complete list of publications.

Online and On-Site Training

We no longer do document remediation. Our focus is on training those who will be doing the document remediation.

Karlen Communications offers on-site or web facilitated workshops or seminars on the following topics:

Contact us for a quote on training.

Webinars done for EASI

EASI (Equal Access to Software and Information) and Karen McCall have partnered to present several webinars. If you become a member of EASI you have access to current and past webinar content.