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PDF and the User Experience Survey

This survey was designed for people with disabilities using adaptive technology. Every attempt has been made to ensure that the survey is accessible. It has been tested by people who use adaptive technology. There is an e-mail link at the beginning of the survey to use if you find any problems or have any problems filling out the survey.

The PDF and the User Experience Survey 2017 is open from November 1, 2017 through November 30, 2017 inclusive. Please share this link with anyone who is using adaptive technology and reads PDF documents.

The PDF Remediators Survey and the Accessible PDF Forms Survey wil run again in May 2018.

Karen McCall is offering a self-paced (with monitoring) online course "Styles in Word: A Primer for Accessible Document Design launching November 15, 2017. Details to follow closer to November 15.

Survey Results Posted

PDF Remediators Survey Results 2017 tagged PDF.

Accessibility of PDF Forms Survery Results 2017 tagged PDF.

PDF and the User Experience Survey 2016 - tagged PDF.

PDF and the User Experience Survey 2015 - tagged PDF.

Survey Results Presented at Conferences

CSUN 2017.

Accessing Higher Ground 2016.

ICCHP 2016.

University of Guelph Accessibility Conference, 2016 - this is a link to the slides used for the session.

Books on Accessible Document Design and PDF

Karen McCall has two books on accessible PDF and accessible document design: "Accessible and Usable PDF Documents: Techniques for Document Authors" and "Styles in Word: A Primer for Accessible Document Design." Both published in 2017 and available through PubCom.com's digital store.

PDF Validation Tools

If you are landing on this page and wonder if your PDF documents are accessible, there are some tools you can use to check them.

As well as the built-in Accessibility Full Check of Adobe Acrobat Pro, there are a few others worth looking into. All of them are free.

PAC or PDF Accessibility Checker by xyMedia. This is a PDF/UA checker only..

PDF Validator by CommonLook. This checks WCAG 2.0 and PDF/UA.

PDF Remediation Tools and Services

Some of these companies have both software tools and remediation services.


Appligent Document Solutions



PubCom.com (accessible PDF training and remdiation services, training in creating accessible InDesign documents!)

ISO 14289 or PDF/UA Resources

The Matterhorn Protocol from the PDF Association

PDF/UA Technical Implementation Guide from AIIM

PDF/UA Reference Suite from the PDF Association