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Our logo was designed by a native artist and captures the spirit of who we are and what we do. The image represents the harmony between man and woman. The silhouette of the eagle represents the spirit of the woman in the image of the bear which symbolizes man. The feather represents the passing of knowledge by the teacher to the student. If you look carefully, there is the head of a loon at the base of the dark part of the feather. The loon was the only animal who would dive to the bottom of the lake to retrieve medicine that would restore the sight of the chief of the artist's tribe. The loon holds an honoured place in native history. This logo has so many dimensions that it allows those who view it to explore their creativity...which is also what we like to do. We are not "one thing" but many - in business and in person.

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Karen McCall has been awarded the Microsoft MVP [Most Valued Professional] Award for Word for the past seven years. In 2014 the category of Accessibility MVP was created and 70 MVP’s were also awarded the Accessibility MVP Award. Karen was one of them.

Microsoft MVP In the Spotlight.

Accessible PDF Remmediation

Karlen Communications no longer does PDF remediation. If you have PDF documents requiring remediation, please go to the PDF and the User Experience web page.

Accessible PDFs and the potential of PDF/UA.

Karen McCall and Karlen Communications can provide training on accessible document design for Microsoft Office documents and PDF documents. The ISO PDF/UA standard is the basis for training. PDF/UA compliance meets or exceeds Section 508 in the US or the AODA in Ontario Canada.

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