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Microsoft Office 2007 Accessibility

This page is meant to be a resource for those of us who use adaptive technology and/or the keyboard to work with Microsoft Office 2007. Karen is a Microsoft MVP for Word 2009-2013.

Word 2007 from the Keyboard available from Karlen Communications. This book will cover beginner, intermediate, and advanced topics. It covers everything in the main Ribbons and much more! The book is 390 pages of step-by-step instruction and has more than 30 support documents that you can navigate through to see examples of tools and features in Word 2007! This is a solid reference guide for working with Word 2007 from the keyboard.

Settings to change in Word 2007 to use with adaptive technology.

OneNote 2007 from the Keyboard

This is a free tagged PDF book on how to use Microsoft OneNote 2007 using a keyboard. There are tips and techniques for using it with screen readers and screen magnification tools. Download Microsoft OneNote 2007 from the Keyboard from the Karlen Communications web site.

DOCX File Format from microsoft

Where is the documentation for Office's DOCX/XLSX/PPTX formats: Part 1. If you are wondering about the new file format for Microsoft Office this article is a good place to start.

Excel 2007 Workbook of Office 2007 Ribbon, Sub-Ribbon and Non-Ribbon Commands

Excel workbook with the Ribbon, Sub-Ribbon, and "not on the Ribbon" commands for Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook 2007 [about 3.5 MB]. This is an xlsx file and you will need Excel 2007 or the Microsoft compatibility plug-in for previous versions of Office.

Settings for Word 2007

There is also a tagged PDF handout on some of the settings you should change in Word to be more effective if you are using adaptive technology. This is the handout for the TeckTalk presentation made in February 2008.

Customize Keyboard Commands/Shortcuts in Word

Microsoft Document Imaging Tool/OCR

Office 2007 includes an OCR tool that lets you scan documents into your computer, have the text recognized and then sent to Word to read. The How To booklet on using the Microsoft Office Document Imaging tool includes information on how to install it. This is a tagged PDF document.

Adding Accessible Images to Training Material

Do you create training material? The How To booklet on adding accessible images to training material was written for you! This tagged PDF document shows you how to use the Snipping Tool in Windows Vista or Windows 7, the Screen Clipping tool in OneNote, Paint and Microsoft Word to add images with Alt Text and captions to your training material.

Create a Custom Style Set

If you are someone who has a preference for a font size and style, the How To booklet on creating a Custom Style Set will give you the steps to do this.

Karen McCall wrote the appendix on creating an accessible Word document for the QUE book "Special Edition: Microsoft Word 2007." Although this book is only available in print, it will be helpful for anyone using Word 2007 and is a great resource book. It is available from Amazon.