Placeholder Text in Word Documents and Templates

If you’ve ever created Word documents or templates and wanted to see how your Styles would look when the document had text, these two keyboard commands are ones you’ll use all the time.

Word 2007 and 2010 have keyboard commands for inserting placeholder text into a Word document.
To insert a specific number of paragraphs, each with 3 sentences type:


In this case X equals the number of paragraphs you want such as 4, 7, 10 and so forth.

=rand(X, Y)

This keyboard command will insert an X number of paragraphs, 6 for example with a specific number/Y of sentences, 4 for example.

Once you type in these commands press Enter to have placeholder text form the Office Help documentation inserted into your document at the cursor point.

You can then create sample headings, lists, tables and so forth to see how your document or template will look with text/content in it.

I use these commands all the time to test a best practice, see how much text a template can hold and still retain its look and feel or to try a new feature before I use it in a document I’m working on.